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Painful tear in the anal canal. Itching and bleeding is common. Anal fissure pictures. Prevention, medical & surgical treatments discussed.

How to Care for Anal Fissures Postpartum. During pregnancy, women can experience constipation caused by the increased weight of the baby on her rectum. Anal fissures

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Read about anal abscess, and who is more likely to develop anal abscesses, such as those with diabetes, AIDS/HIV, Crohn’s disease, or those on medications such as

In this simple guide we lay out all the options of anal bleaching along with their costs and effectiveness. Check out opportunities to sample free

WebMD discusses the safety and health concerns associated with anal sex.

May 30, 2012 · Video embedded · Dr. Patricia Mahoney demonstrates how to express a ‘s anal glands in this installment of Full Circle Veterinary Care’s series of instructional videos.

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Learn about diagnosis and treatment of anal fistula at Mayo Clinic.

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What is an anal fissure? This is a very common Ano rectal disease causing a lot of suffering to the patient. It consist of a tear or a crack in the skin lined part of

Few topics raise owners’ eyebrows (and lower s’ tails) faster than the subject of anal sacs! Even though anal sacs are often also called anal glands, they

Anal sacs. The anal sacs are located on each side of the anus, just under the skin. They open to the outside by tiny passageways or ducts. Glands within the anal sacs

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