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The best burritos in Toronto are packed to capacity and often too big to enjoy in just one sitting. Whether ordered with noodles or rice and beans,

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At Big City Burrito, you won’t find microwaves or freezers, and you won’t find everyday fast food, either. We pack your tortilla with everything you crave and

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Pick your filling and wrap it up! We have dozens of burrito recipes for you to choose from, including chicken, ground beef, black beans, and more.

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San Diego-style burritos include California and carne asada burritos. The style has been described as an “austere meal of meat, cheese and salsa”, in contrast to the

Freshly cooked tortilla chips with melted low-fat Monterey Jack cheese, seasoned black beans, pico de gallo and low-fat sour cream. Served with guacamole.

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Beef and refried bean burritos are baked under a creamy sauce topped with cheese in this easy smothered burritos recipe.

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Provides the perfect protein combination.beans and corn. This is a recipe from the Moosewood Restaurant. (Ive updated the # of servingsI agree with Longhorm

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Vegetarian, Made with Organic Ingredients Borderless Enchilada. Since Mayan times, fresh harvests have been rolled and wrapped in sun-dried corn tortillas.

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