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Learn the basics of using a butt plug.

Form. Zwei Merkmale unterscheiden den Butt-Plug vom Dildo: Er ist am einen Ende abgerundet und konisch geformt, um gut eingeführt werden zu können.

Are you a fan of squirting scenes? You love beautiful naked women touching, licking, rimming, tribbing, squirting and DP with toys? That’s hot two daugthers dping a

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Conservative actor and Twitter bomb-thrower James Woods decided to throw out a homophobic remark in order to blast CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The quick guide to butt plug use, safety, cleaning and care. Written by a gay doctor for gay men and others interested in butt plugs and anal toys.

8 Butt Plugs With Tails That Will Up Your Role-Playing Game

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Some sex toys, like vibrators, are mainstream, but have you heard of butt plugs? Here’s how to use butt plugs for MIND-BLOWING sex. Yes, even YOU.

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Anal Plugs. Anal plugs, also called butt plugs, are typically diamond-shaped with a thin neck and a flared base, which prevents them from slipping into the rectum.

Discover exactly what a butt plug is and why some find it so dam enjoyable. However, butt plugs are a sex toy that’s not for everyone, discover why inside.

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