Weird Sexual Fetishes

Atists have been flaunting their bizarre fixations in our faces for years but have never been called out on them. Until now.

5 Weird Fetishes That Are More Normal Than You Think We give you permission to play with her feet—without feeling like a freak By Laura Tedesco January 19, 2016

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Nov 16, 2015 · Even Christian Grey would find these fetishes bizarre. Some strange sexual desires — such as dendrophilia for sexual attraction to trees and avisodomy

The number of ways in which people get their jollies is as extensive as the day is long. These sexual fetishes are just the beginning.

The world is an odd place, eh? But consensual philias and fetishes — which are frequently lumped together — DO make sex hotter for many, many people.

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The stereotype goes that when it comes to sex, men are as simple-minded as s. As someone with a few years’ experience as a dominatrix and phone sex operator, I’m

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Worried that your freaky fetish is a sign that all isn’t psychologically well? Then read on to see why your fetish isn’t as weird as you think.

Sexual fetishes by definition are bound be creepy, weird and perverse to most but the extreme the Japanese take their fetishes to, is ridiculous. They name every

These weird sexual fetishes, from katoptronophilia to coprophilia, will make you cringe in fear.

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From the harmless to the weird, the disgusting to the terrifying, there are hundreds of fetishes out there. Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

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Weird Sexual Fetishes 55

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