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Nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene Plastic Mesh. Monofilament synthetic fibers can be woven very precisely to create industrial textiles with narrow pore distribution.

Debris netting manufacturer offer scaffold netting, debris netting to the building industry at competitive prices. Debris net is strong heavy duty netting for uses.

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This page describes the differences and nuances between nylon and polyamide

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Bernat Lovie yarn bridges the gap between textured and traditional yarns. It works up quick with minimal stitch involvement to make simple and adorable garments and

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Mesh Fabrics Check out our great selection of meshes, perfect for numerous applications including stuff sacks, bags, jacket liners, bug netting, screen doors

I’m excited to share a little project that I have been experimenting with. You know those little green netting sleeves you get your lettuce in?

How to Make Pot Scrubbers From Nylon Netting. Even the best dishwasher can leave cookware crusty when you don’t give it a quick scrub before loading it into the machine.

Now available in 48 colors this mesh netting is perfect for crocheting and knitting kitchen scrubbies. Lose the hassle of cutting strips, these 3″ x 40 yard spools of

Net or netting is any textile in which the yarns are fused, looped or knotted at their intersections, resulting in a fabric with open spaces between the yarns. Net

Cascade Nets: Nylon Barrier Netting for Baseball, Golf, Industrial Applications, and many more

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