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Ths is an Internet Protocol (IPv4) Subnet Chart. You can use this to quickly look up how your might need to subnet your network. At the bottom there is a quick how-to

A properly designed subnet can do wonders for the security and performance of a network. The main idea in subnetting is to divide a network into smaller pieces, which

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Most probably, you are after a subnet mask of A subnet mask refers to the practice of subnetting, which is, from my understanding of it, a way of

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Hierarchical Addressing Using Variable-Length Subnet Masks. VLSM is a crucial component of an effective IP addressing plan for a scalable network.

How To Subnet. First we need to understand that the subnetting process designed for devices that are connected to a network and need to do this operation many times

A subnet mask is a 32- or 128-bit number used to divide IP addresses into network and host addresses for routing traffic within a subnet (or subnetwork).

Learn how to calculate a subnet mask using these IP subnetting shortcuts and prep for your CCNA exam — no subnet mask calculator necessary.

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An Internet protocol (IPv4) address consists of 32 bits, separated into four 8-bit binary words. When calculating subnet bits, you are attempting to determine the

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