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With over twenty years in business and more than a million educational objects, Competentum has proven itself as a reliable vendor.

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Since 1983, AFAA has issued 350,000+ certification in 73 countries, providing trainers with Group Fitness Certifications and trusted fitness education

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Group Ex Instructor. Share your love for fitness and be the person others look to for motivation and results as a Group Exercise Instructor. AFAA’s Group Ex

Group Fitness Instructor Certification. With a group fitness certification, you have the ability to get the most people moving, every day, and to make a tremendous

A community based fitness studio, located in Parker Colorado, offering a variety of group classes such as Yoga, ZUMBA, Barre, Tabata, etc. taught by inspiring

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See how to become certified as a group fitness instructor with ACE! We provide study materials you need to and more. Visit us today to get started now!

Chris O’Connell, PGA Tour Instructor/Director of Instruction for The Plane Truth. 214.707.1325 [email protected]

Learn Group X training with skilled exercise class instructors at 24 Hour Fitness. Classes include the latest in Strength workouts, cycling classes and group exercise

Webfaculty 2.4 Features Paperless Entry: You may now submit Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance electronically through Webfaculty; You will recieve an E

Online homework and grading tools for instructors and students that reinforce student learning through practice and instant feedback.

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