My Neighbor Naked

Story written by rustyfella: My nieghbor’s twins grew up next to me. As I watched them grow into sexy men, it was hard not to have a few erotic thoughts slip

I always was a horny man. I was so horny as a teenager; I had to masturbate at least once a day. I always had sex on the mind. My first time was with my next door

One day this summer, I was visiting my aunt who lives in Arkansas. She has a sexy and hot neighbor that really turns me on. Every other time I had gone down, the

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My Neighbor Naked 117

I fuck my innocent neighbor when she comes to me for comfort.

Fucking my neighbor’s hot blonde teen in a parking garage

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My Neighbor Naked 74

Mike falls for his blonde transgender neighbor, Caroline.

My Neighbor Naked 23

I was absolutely nuts and crazy about my neighbor, she was a lady of about thirty years old, married but her husband was an absolute jerk. He worked shifts at some

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My Neighbor Naked 61

My Neighbor Naked 40

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My Neighbor Naked 90

My Neighbor Naked 53

Hardcore, graphic, sex stories. The teen downstairs is sleeping with her neighbor’s husband. This is one of a host of sex stories on Prevot’s Erotica.

I love spying on my hot busty neighbor every time she is outside washing her car with her huge tits dangling out! She got back inside and since she was taking so long

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