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New, used, and vintage Transformers toys for sale. Action figures, parts, accessories, instructions. We buy trade ins and entire lots, too.

Jul 31, 2009 · here are some of the transformer 2movie toys

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Thousands of Transformers toys for sale. Also buying transformers toys and entire toy collections. Featurs a guide to help identify Transformers action figures and

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Ironhide is the name of several different fictional characters in the Transformers franchise. According to the original creator of the Transformers names, Bob

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Toys. Constructicon Devastator (Supreme, 2009) Wonder if there’ll be any “Robort not munky” complaints. Devastator’s Supreme Toy is a giftset that contains the six

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This seeker set of 3 from “War in Pocket” line by DX9 Toys features figures that stand 10CM / 4inches tall and change from robot to vehicle and back!

Jetfire was constructed by Shockwave on Earth to be one of his new Decepticon troops, given life through the powers of the Creation Matrix, tapped from the captive

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Meanwhile, the disguised Soundwave was “given” by their human ally Dylan, the one human they did not kill, as a gift to Sam Witwicky’s new teenfriend Carly Spencer.

This article is about the Decepticon excavator in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. For the other Decepticon excavator in Revenge of the Fallen, see Scavenger (ROTF).

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