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Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, FRS (/ p l ɑː ŋ k /; 23 April 1858 – 4 October 1947) was a German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him

A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively

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Mar 11, 2016 · How the Military Will Be Revolutionized By Laser Weaponry. Silent, searing hot, and moving at the speed of light, today’s military lasers will change how

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July Days: (July 16–20 [July 3–7, old style], 1917), a period in the Russian Revolution during which workers and soldiers of Petrograd staged armed demonstrations

How Steam Power Revolutionized the Farm in America by Brandon Knapp. Editor’s Note: Brandon Knapp is a 17 student from Ohio. The following is a copy of a

October Revolution: (Oct. 24–25 [Nov. 6–7, New Style], 1917), the second and last major phase of the Russian Revolution of 1917, in which the Bolshevik Party

Introducing Goat Simulator: PAYDAY – the latest in goat simulation technology. Rob banks, buy masks, and become a friggin’ camel, man.

Apr 13, 2013 · ISU-152 “Zveroman” soviet heavy tank destroyer developed and used during WW II. Lost in Ukrainian village. 65 years later come alive.

Last week we brought you news of a world map purportedly more accurate than any to date, designed by Japanese architect and artist Hajime Narukawa. The map, called

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