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How to Shape Eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance by flattering your facial shape, balancing your features, and framing your eyes. If you

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8 Crazy Truths Your Eyebrows Are Telling People About You. There’s more to that tweeze than you think.

Apr 13, 2016 · How to Hide or Fix a Shaved off Eyebrow. Whether it was a dare or the slip of a wrist, you shaved off your eyebrow and now you’re not sure what to do.

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Beauty By Bonnie, Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. 1.3K likes. I have 5 years experience. I specialise in Nouveau lashes, HD Brows, Russian

I love how this product applies easily and looks natural. I have had patchy brows all of my life, and everything before this either didn’t fill them enough or

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Whoever thought that shaved hairstyles for women would be so big in 2017? Well, in this article, I’ll be showing just how popular shaved haircuts are

The History of Women and Their Eyebrows. These days, it’s all in the brows — but in a way, it always was.

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During the 1950s, Dior’s polished New Look demanded to be worn with a put-together face. The look called for full winged eye makeup, lipstick and brows shaped in

If you follow me on instagram you may already know That I had my brows microbladed by my rad teen. Microblading is like a semi-permanent tattoo in hair strokes. It

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The pressure of being the perfect weight, having the perfect skin, getting your brows to peak fleek-icity, and balancing attention to detail with effortlessness can

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